Spaulding takes IMCA Modified feature at Speedzone

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By Dave Panske

Oshkosh, May 30, 2014 – It is nice to just be outside and enjoy anything lately and the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway was the perfect place to be Friday night as Oshkosh Lanes hosted a full night of racing action on a fast 1/3 mile clay oval.

I t seemed like pairs night as the six division features were won in pairs by drivers named, Travis, Jeff and Jason.

The IMCA Sport Mods stated things off with Bernie Miller grabbing the initial lead with Cory Wegner, Brekken Kleinschmidt, Kevin Bethke and Jeff Schmuhl behind.   After a lap 2 caution, Bethke took the lead for one lap before Ryan Besaw took charge.  A final caution on lap 7 gave Colten Van Hierden a shot at the lead with Schmuhl, Besay and Steve Schneider behind.   For the rest of the contest Van Hierden held off all challenges until lap 19, when Schmuhl was able to work into the top spot and drove to his first ever feature win at the Speedzone.   Besaw was also able to sneak by to take the runner up spot with Van Hierden taking third.  Brock Saundes, Jon Schulz and Bethke rounded out the top six.

Ryan Blank led the opening four laps of the Goldstar Racing Products Street Stock main event before dropping out turning the lead over Jeff Jungwirth.    Steve Gawaresky, Jerry Winkler  Lexi Ashcraftand Rich Garb ran behind until a string of caution just after half way slowed the race and force a time limit ending.     Jungwith was able to survive to collect his first feature win here since June 29, 2012.  Gawaresky took second with Winkler third. Garb fourth, Patty Winkler fifthe and Mark Schultz sixth.

The Travis part of the program started next with the Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Cars taking the track.   Jake Linderby took the lead followed by Harley Simon, Dylan Heilmann, Justin Jacobsen  and David Hoerning.   A flat tire force Simon out of the running on lap 7 as point leader, Travis Van Straten moved into second.     Following a caution on lap 8, Van Straten over took Lunderby and  settled into the lead and pulled away from the field.  A late caution on lap 17 bunched the field but Van Straten was able to collect his third straight feature win.    Dustin Lowberger  took second from Lunderby after the last restart and followed Van Straten to the checkers.  Lunderby took his best finish so far with third.   John Heinz was fourth followed by Hoerning and Larry Karcz, Jr.

The first half of the Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified feature was plagued by cautions with Shawn Frelick able to take and hold the lead through the first 8 laps.   Travis Spaulding moved into the top spot on lap 9 and following a final caution on lap 11, was able to settle in for a long run to the end.   Sean Jerovetz, Chris Engels, Brian Drexler and Eddie Muenster ran behind the leader to the finish with Jerry Muenster securing sixth.

This win by Spaulding  was his first here since August 3, 2010.

Jason Fish jumped from the outside pole into the lead of the Outlaw Chassis Grand National feature ahead of John Schultz, Tim Doehling, Troy Welch, Larry Richards and Don Schumacher, maintaining the lead through the first 12 laps of the contest.  Two quick cautions on laps 12 and 14 bunched the field for a six lap dash to the finish.      Fish and Schultz continued at the front after the final restart with Richards , Doehling, Tim Reichenberger and Brian Henry  behind.  The top three remained unchanged as Fish recorder his first ever feature win here.   Henry came through over the final couple laps to take fourth with Doehling and Reichenberger rounding out the top six.

The Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils were up next with Trever Spaulding leading the opening lap before Joe Minks took over after a lap 2 caution.   Three time defending champion, Jason Fairbank claimed the lead on lap 4 and took off before a final caution bunched the field on lap 14.    Casey Gross,  Christopher Maas, Shaun Bangart, Minks and Les Lungwitz chased the leader to the finish with Fairbank claiming his first feature flag of the season.

In the first Spectator Eliminator event ever held at the Speedzone,  Beau Schroder claimed the first trophy.



20 Lap Feature  Travis Spaulding   2. Sean Jerovetz   3. Chris Engels   4. Brian Drexler  5. Eddie Muenster,  6. Jerry Muenster

10 Lap Consy  1. Drexler  2. Jim Rhode  3. Mike Klenz  4. Roger Van Roy

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Spaulding   2. Mike Wedelstadt

Second  l. Dan Roedl   2. Engels

Third  l. Jeremy Christians  2. Jerovetz


20 Lap feature  l. Travis Van Straten   2. Dustin Lowberger  3. Jake Linberby   4. John Heinz   5. David Hoerning   6. Larry Karcz, Jr.

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Lowberger   2. Van Straten

Second  l.  Lunderby   2. Heinz


20 Lap Feature  l. Jeff Schmuhl   2. Ryan Besaw  3. Colten Van Hierden  4. Brock Saunders   5. Jon Schulz   6. Kevin Bethke

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Schmuhl   2. Besaw

Second  l. Clint Forstner  2. Bethke


20 Lap Feature  l. Jeff Jungwirth   2. Steve Gawaresky   3. Jerry Winkler   4. Rich Garb   5. Patty Winkler   6. Mark Schultz

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Winkler   2. Jungwirth

Second  l. Schultz  2. Frank Knaus

Third  l. Lexi Ashcraft  2. Garb


20 Lap Feature  l  Jason Fish  2. John Schultz III  3. Larry Richards   4. Brian Henry   5. Tim Doehling   6. Tim Reichenberger

8 Lap Heats  First  l.   Larry Richards   2. Schultz III

Second  l. Jeff Richards   2. Troy Welch


20 Lap Feature  l. Jason Fairbank   2. Casey Gross,   3. Christopher Maass  4. Shaun Bangart    5, Joe Minks   6. Les Lungwitz

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Trever Spaulding   2. Fairbank

Second  l. Minks   2. Bangart